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AsiaCoin Specifications

Some of these coins were then distributed to exchanges and sold to honest buyers and investors. This was discovered a few days ago by users of BitcoinTalk forums. When exchanges found out, most of them have suspended AsiaCoin trading altogether, leaving the future of the coin in doubt and jeopardy. We could have invalidated them, but we believe it will only harm the honest people who bought the coins (or the people only sent their valid coins to exchanges to see them replaced with pre-mined coins when they withdrew). The original developer had already made his fortune from these dumped coins, and there is no reason to invalidate them now. These coins will remain valid, spendable and able to stake. This issue has been debated on our BitCoinTalk thread and the conclusion is to make some adjustment to the staking percentage that the original developer clearly did not plan to follow through. Yes. But with an all-new development team, website, social media links, BitcoinTalk thread and logo!

Yes, the source code is on GitHub. How can you make sure that there are no other hidden surprises in the source code? We are verifying every single line of code, and every single block to ensure that the code is safe and there are no more hidden surprises. We invite everyone to do the same too. Yes, we do. Whatever your skills are, whether you are a developer or someone interested in marketing, or social media, we can use your expertise. Please head over to our community. Our donation details are also available in the first post there. Note that when the fix is released, the FAQ below will be modified. For now these are all pre-fix details. What is this PoS thing you are talking about? Proof of Stake, for more information read the Wikipedia Article or the Bitcoin Wiki article on it.

There have been questions regarding the syncing speed of the recently released AC wallets. Users who have problems can resolve the issue by adding new nodes from our Block Explorer into asiacoin.conf and restart your wallet app. We would like to apologise for the delay over the weekend. The hotfix for the Windows wallet is now available on the website. This hotfix should resolve the blockchain issue. It is noticed that many AsiaCoin and investors of other PoS coins have some misconception on how staking and PoS works. Please take note that we do not speak for other PoS coins so all context are based on AsiaCoin. Proof of Stake (PoS) does not work exactly like bank interest. Bank interest is suitable as a layman analogy for PoS but they don’t operate entirely the same way. Given the staking requirements of 14 days, your AsiaCoins in the wallet can only stake after 2 weeks. Thus, keeping the wallet app closed for 13 days will not prevent your AsiaCoin from being after stake after 14 days.

Things you did not know about bitcoins

Having continuously developed in the last few years, the bitcoin is now used by millions of people around the world who are starting to change it from a rare currency to a common one. But until this currency will become so common, there are many things people don’t know about them, such as what they can buy or even how the payment works.

Lately, more and more brands started to accept the payment with bitcoins for their products or services. You can order drink and food from the websites that have a contract with the restaurants and pizzas from your city or even buy a flight ticket for your next holiday. Afterwards, you can spend your bitcoins on some luxurious jewelry and offer them to Dubai escorts if you are a single gentleman. And the question that goes through your mind would be “Is it possible to pay for company with bitcoins?” Well, the answer is yes, you can pay with this currency for Dubai escorts.

Make your dreams come true with bitcoins

As you can see, this coin can be used to get almost everything you need, even the company of the beautiful Dubai escorts. And if the flight ticket you bought is for Dubai and you’re new to this city, Dubai escorts would be happy to be your guide while you stay there. Dubai escorts are elegant and sophisticated ladies who love you stay y your side and which have a radiant mood. They will help you have a great holiday in Dubai while you spoil them with the expensive gifts that Dubai escorts like so much.

The bitcoins will allow you to visit the most of the places available to the tourists. Dubai escorts from can show you exactly what you can visit in change of bitcoins and where you can have fun. Keep in mind that Dubai escorts like to party with gentlemen like you in luxurious location where you can pride with their beauty. However, the best part about Dubai escorts is that they are beautiful inside as well as outside, so while you are happy with the image they create you, you will be feeling amazing around them. With Dubai escorts you feel happy, entertained and ready to have fun for the rest of the night.

After getting the company of Dubai escorts with your bitcoins, it is time to find out that due to the expansion of this coin there were created some bitcoins boulevards in several countries around the world. Here you can spend your virtual money as you wish in the shops and restaurants available. Another thing you probably didn’t know about this particular coin is that it can make you rich if you are lucky, and to be more specific let’s take the example of Tiger Woods. He made a fortune after changing dollars to bitcoins and vice versa.

On the whole, the future of this currency looks fantastic thinking that they are already used all over the world for so many goods and services. With bitcoins you can solve the issues coming from the exchange of currencies not necessarily to avoid the losses but mostly because it saves time and eases your shopping experience.

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