HashCows On Board!

The long awaited public release of the mandatory wallet update is finally here! Instructions:

Wallet Patch Released to Exchanges

In tune with the string of good news that we hope to continue bringing to the AsiaCoin community, we are happy to announce that HashCows multipool has agreed to list AsiaCoin as one of their available payment options once AC is re-listed on the exchanges. This latest addition will bring the number of multipools supporting…
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Official AsiaCoin Revival | Hard Fork & Voiding of Pre-Mine

Thanks to the hard work of the new AC development team, the wallet patch has been released to all exchanges that listed AsiaCoin. Once we receive confirmation that the patch is upgraded for the exchanges, the patch will be released to the general public. The rationale of this move is to ensure that the hidden…
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We are fixing Asia Coin

We are fixing Asia Coin. We have developers onboard to do this and work is already underway. Background: Asia Coin (AC) was launched as a coin with high potential, but the developer had hidden a code inside that hid a significant amount of pre-mine. Now, the community is relaunching Asia Coin with a hard fork.…
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Have You Been Losing Your Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a payment system online and additionally it’s a digital means of trading foreign currency, which recently appeared as an open-source applications. It’s a cryptography of cash trades which comprises creating, transferring and supporting all its management online. In this procedure the participant checks and saves payments in exchange of trade carried through the…
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How Bitcoin Will Boost Latin America

There’s been much ado concerning Bitcoin and how authorities and companies in China and the Usa have responded to it, but perhaps more interesting possibilities may lie ahead for this money and other cryptocurrencies. The Atlantic facing states have more order oriented markets while the Pacific facing states, with the exception of Ecuador and Nicaragua,…
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3 Must-Dos For Successful Bitcoin Trading

As each day dealer may let you know, whether you are stock trading or crypto currencies, there’s danger involved. Scrupulous management of the danger is how day-traders can gain on a constant basis, although all dealers have their particular favorite approaches for trading and managing hazards, there are several essentials that will often be considered.

What Are Current Bitcoin Investment Options

As the value of Bitcoin continues to rise and the crypto currency proceeds into its eighth year, yet another wave of traders are being driven right back towards the technologies. Bitcoin started 20 17 using its cost busting through the $ 1,000 obstacle along with powerful yields in 20-16. Join that with yet another tide…
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Bitcoin To Solve The AdBlocker Problem

Bitcoin and BTC technologies may function as the option for press websites who have seen too much income dropping as a result of increase of ad blocking programs, according to a industry expert.

The Potential Of Bitcoin

It might sound paradox, but the isles are expecting to provide organizations the advantage of a tax-haven in terms of supporting electronic money firms. They would like to provide more ordinance instead of less. Hat, for instance, is today home to the very first bit-coin hedge-fund managed with a financial regulator. Greenhill stated:

High Bitcoin Price Expectations For 2018

In 2014, among the one of the most notorious Bitcoin VCs, Tim Draper, forecasted the cost per Bitcoin may reach $ 10,000 Bucks by 2018. We made a decision to re-visit this forecast to find out whether it appears any more practical couple of years in.

The Best Way To Anonymize Your Use Of BTC

BTC and your IP: If you are starting a trade using your home PC, the BTC program transmits the needed information to additional client programs, efficiently broadcasting the Bitcoin transport to the community. This transport of data is not encrypted, which indicates your ISP, who owns the community WIFI your are using, or the National…
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