Making a Step Forward for Asia's Cryptocurrency

The AsiaCoin Foundation and the community are committed to propelling financial innovation and promoting mainstream uses of crypto-currency in Asia and the rest of the world.


Please note, this coin NO LONGER exists!




Algorithm: Scrypt
PoW + PoS
Symbol: AC
Block Time: 60 seconds
PoW Phase Block Reward: 10,000 AC
PoS Phase Staking Rate: 100% annually gradually decreasing to 1% per annum over 3 years
Min Stake Age: 14 days
Min Transaction Fee: 0.001 AC
Max Coins After 10 Years: 336,394,784 AC
Max Coins After 100 Years: 823,707,260 AC
Initial Distribution: PoW period of 2 weeks
Zero Pre-mine / Hidden Pre-mine invalidated after wallet v2.0

Current Source Code (Work In Progress) | Source Code v2.0


Exchanges which trade TheCoin can be found here


Download AC Wallets

Windows v2.0.1
Mac OS X v2.0.1
Linux v2.0.1 32-bit
Linux v2.0.1 64-bit
Android (Coming Soon)