HashCows On Board!

HashCows On Board!

2. February 2019 News 0

The long awaited public release of the mandatory wallet update is finally here!


  • Close your old wallet (or delete it altogether).
  • Backup your wallet.dat file, just in case something goes wrong
  • Extract the new wallet into a folder
  • Hold Shift + Right click somewhere on the empty folder (not on file)
  • Choose “Open command window here”
  • Type the following command and press enter: asiacoin-qt -rescan

Delete the old wallet binaries and dll files.

You do not need to redownload the blockchain. This command will rescan your blockchain with your wallet addresses, and updates the database of the client. Once it is done (will take a few minutes), your new wallet will work as expected and your coins are valid, and your balance should be the same regardless of where your coins came from, except the original developer’s wallet addresses which are invalidated. All other features of the wallet (staking, locking/unlocking, console) should work as expected.

AC Donation Address: AXuMxpakwcxcnPtzkL6GNmp54PRc7Zxb2g