A short history of bitcoins

Nowadays, there are many currencies around the world that are used for trading. Most of them can be used only locally while others, such as the dollar or euro can be used at an international level. Considering this, in 2009 there was created a new concept in matter of currencies that can be used locally in most of the countries around the world and as well as internationally. This neutral currency is the bitcoin. It can serve you to make currency exchanges without loss or gain and to pay different goods and services.

It all started with a math formula that Satoshi Nakamoto has invented and which is the base of bitcoins. This formula is designed to make your payments through bitcoins system secure regardless of the amount of your transaction and even of the person or company that is going to receive the amount of bitcoins. In addition, it avoids any type of fraud that could be happening while doing transactions with bitcoins as well as any attempt of making a sort of pyramidal gain through bitcoins.

If at its beginnings, the bitcoins were used to make payment from your laptop and only for a few things, today the bitcoins can be used physically as well. You can go directly to the restaurants or pubs and order your favorite food which will be paid with virtual or physical bitcoins. However, the last ones are used only by a few people, the rest preferring to stay with the online payments which are much easier and fast.

The upshot of all is that the bitcoins have gained almost all the countries around the world and will continue to grow and to ease our life. We will soon forget about the headaches we usually have when we visit a new location where the currency is not at all familiar to us, by using bitcoins.

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